The Begärlig terrarium

In early October I was approached by a teacher and friend to help create a simple low-cost terrarium for high-school students taking biology 101 or what might eventually become biotech 101. The idea behind the request was to teach students about photosynthesis and to give a little more hands-on experience

Overcoming 5MB of localStorage with LZW compression

In one part of my recent projects I was asked to build a web based interface for a student learning platform. The client had specified that the app was intended for use in regional Australia, where the internet is mostly slow or non-existent and frequent API calls were not something

Extracting .png files from a .bin sprite sheet

Here's a little script I wrote to extract a whole lot of .png files from a compiled sprite sheet. The python script reads the .bin file as binary, finds the starting header of a .png file (89504E47) and the footer (49454E44AE426082) and separates it into individual images. This may not

Printing @ 0.2mm & 100 microns

I bought a 0.2mm Micro Swiss nozzle for my 3D printer after the provided 0.4mm wasn't achieving the resolution I required for my up and coming keycap printing job, and I was having a painful time getting prints to come out cleanly or stick to the bed for

The peculiar case of the malfunctioning keyboard

Have you ever thought to yourself ... Gee, I wish I could focus more on my work and not get distracted by all these Slack and e-mail notifications and done something about it? By any chance did you install heyfocus? Because if you did, there's a good chance that just like