A rant on the naming of projects

Developers are an interesting group when it comes to naming creations. In my opinion you have a few distinct groups, and they are developers who name the application after something it does (Transcoder, Mediator, Console, make), name it after something it does and affix a verb (Autorippr), call it something

Bulk remove time from JIRA

If delete an entry and copy the request as cURL, and repeat it, changing only the time entry ID you can remove your own entires in bulk. Here's a simple bash script to do exactly that.

Overcoming 5MB of localStorage with LZW compression

In one part of my recent projects I was asked to build a web based interface for a student learning platform. The client had specified that the app was intended for use in regional Australia, where the internet is mostly slow or non-existent and frequent API calls were not something

Extracting .png files from a .bin sprite sheet

Here's a little script I wrote to extract a whole lot of .png files from a compiled sprite sheet. The python script reads the .bin file as binary, finds the starting header of a .png file (89504E47) and the footer (49454E44AE426082) and separates it into individual images. This may not

Printing @ 0.2mm & 100 microns

I bought a 0.2mm Micro Swiss nozzle for my 3D printer after the provided 0.4mm wasn't achieving the resolution I required for my up and coming keycap printing job, and I was having a painful time getting prints to come out cleanly or stick to the bed for