When your team is using Freshdesk to manage support requests that require changes in a Git repository, tracking changes manually can be annoying and time consuming.

With Git 2.9+ global hooks can take care of the trouble by adding a folder and simply letting Git know about it.

At my company, all Freshdesk users install the hooks with 3 lines from the repositories readme .

cd ~/repos
git clone git@gitlab.com:jcode/freshdesk-commit-hook.git
git config --global core.hooksPath /Users/$USER/repos/freshdesk-commit-hook

The hook itself is a post-commit that reads the most recent commit, and, as long as the developer has followed the outlined commit message structure (FD#[0-9]+) the hook picks it up and leaves a private note on that ticket providing a link to the repos commit diff and the output of  git log -1 --format=medium.

An example commit;

git commit -m "FD#0001 - Addressing clients request and making a change" 

And of course, the result.