Hello everyone!

I’m Jason and on this blog you'll find many different kind of articles from professional to personal stuff. Some how-to's and problems (some with solutions)  I've encountered in my day-to-day life.

Most of my technical articles are going to be Laravel or PHP related as I develop bespoke web applications. Occasionally there will be some server related posts, optimisation tips and even some electronic work.

Although I'm a Software Engineer by trade, I am also a;


It's a bit of a generic term, used for all the miscelanious hobbies that intertwine with each other. Microcontroller programming, 3D printing and design, electrical prototyping and fixer of many things.


Something I took up recently with the intention of creating a gift for my mother made by my own hands, never really intending for it to become something regular.

But then I made an additional 6 knives for my wedding party. Turns out I enjoy the constant and methodical work of crafting steel into useful tools.

Photon Wrangler

Although my primary focus is on macrophotography and insects, my work has made it all the way to New Scientist and to even the cover of an architecture education text-book.

Dungeon Master

In 2017, I was introduced to the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Half way through the year our previous DM became a father leaving a void that needed to be filled. I chose to try my hand and run the 5th edition campaign Tomb of Annihilation.