Adventures in WordPress Vol. 6 - Summary

Here we are, after a few changes to the hardware, software and network it's time to see if all the hard work has paid off. In summary the things I changed where; Decreased apache mpm servers Installed fail2ban Removed 13 plugins Optimised images using jpegoptim Converted stock WP to Bedrock

Adventures in WordPress Vol. 5 - CDN

One of the last things to tackle for the moment is setting up and managing a CDN or Content Delivery Network. Before picking a CDN provider I needed to get an estimate on how much traffic the site was using. Luckily there's a console based network traffic monitor for Linux

Adventures in WordPress Vol. 4 - Hardware and Software

With the foundation (or 'Bedrock') of this upgrade complete it's time to see what some upgrades will do. The plan of attack is to change MySQL to MariaDB, upgrade PHP from 5.6 to 7.0 and upgrade the DO Droplet to something with more power. MySQL -> MariaDB Why

Here's some awesome knowledge passed along from @bradleyfalzon. If you add CDPATH to ~/.zshrc you can tab complete into those directories without typing the full path. Very handy if you happen to run several vagrant instances or a verbose directory structure to mimic production. typeset -U path cdpath fpath setopt