I bought a 0.2mm Micro Swiss nozzle for my 3D printer after the provided 0.4mm wasn't achieving the resolution I required for my up and coming keycap printing job, and I was having a painful time getting prints to come out cleanly or stick to the bed for the first few prints.

After playing around with the settings and generally getting frustrated, I found that raising the printing temperature by 10-20°C and tweaking the some of my slicer settings I found something that worked for my Flash Forge Pro.

Nozzle Diameter:        0.2mm
Extrusion Multiplier:   0.9
Extrusion Width:        0.2mm

Primary Layer Height:   0.1mm
Perimeter Shells:       4  

First Layer Height:     110%
First Layer Width:      130%
First Layer Speed:      40%

These settings on top of a freshly leveled printing bed gave the print a rather strong grip to the printing bed that insured no curling would happen.