Here we are, after a few changes to the hardware, software and network it's time to see if all the hard work has paid off.

In summary the things I changed where;

  • Decreased apache mpm servers
  • Installed fail2ban
  • Removed 13 plugins
  • Optimised images using jpegoptim
  • Converted stock WP to Bedrock for better manageability
  • Changed MySQL to MariaDB
  • Updated PHP from 5 to 7
  • Reconfigured a WP cache
  • Added an extra CPU and 1GB of RAM for a total of 2 CPUs and 2GB of RAM
  • Installed Memcached
  • Enabled a CDN

These are the results...


Unfortunately I didn't grab one before I started, so I disabled most of the modifications and CDN to get a rough picture.


Take a look at that load time! Wowza.

From 9.2s to 1.0s, that's a crazy 89.1% reduction in load time!

I managed to keep the mobile user experience at a reasonable 100/100 too.

The only thing that's bringing down the score is the unscaled images.