Circuit cleaning time!

Once you are satisfied with how prototype performs it's time to remove all the wires from the ESP8266.

With a clean ESP8266;

  • Connect VCC to CH_PD.
  • Then connect GPIO15 to GND.
  • GPIO12 goes to the middle pin (B) on the transistor.
  • VCC connects to C on the transistor.
  • E on the transistor goes to positive on the motor.
  • Ground on the motor goes to ground on the ESP8266.
  • Positive battery lead to VCC or CH_PD.
  • Negative battery lead to GND.

Battery cables, transistor and motor all attached in a compact package.

To prevent any exposed connections from touching the medallion wrapping everything is heatshrink is a good idea.

And with that it's all done.

Mounting the motor and wireless module inside a medallion can be done with hot glue or an epoxy resin. I opted for hot glue so I can remove it and make improvements such as CR2032 battery instead of LiPo or glowing LEDs for eyes.