Now its time to wire up the programming circuit.

These are the pinouts for the ESP8266-03.

  • VCC is power.
  • GND is ground.
  • CH_PD is connected to power.
  • URXD goes to TX on the USB to Serial adapter.
  • UTXD goes to RX on the USB to Serial adapter.
  • GPIO0 is tied low (to ground) when programming.
  • GPIO12 goes to the transistor which powers the vibration motor.
  • GPIO15 always goes to ground.

Fritzing diagram

After the code has been flashed a lot of these wires can be removed, simplifying the final product.

Don't worry if it looks a little complicated, following each wire one at a time makes placing them all down very easy.

This is what is needed to program the ESP8266.

When everything is wired up, it's time to flash the code.