According to COLOSS (Prevention of honey bee COlony LOSSes):

A single bee weighs roughly 277 - 290 mg

And with that it's time to educate the general populous of reddit!

Introducing: KG to Bee

KG2Bee as it is more commonly known is an extremely tiny bot that tirelessly trawls through reddit comments in search for any comments containing an amount and a unit of measurement.


Seeing imperial measurements on reddit and having no idea what they mean is bad (being Australian and all), so what if there was a bot that tirelessly trawled reddit, converting all the imperial units to metric ones?

Too bad this idea already exists in the form of /u/MetricConversionBot.

But then, as our discussions about the imperial system normally do, we started talking about how ridiculous the imperial system really is - seriously, look at all of these units.

This obviously led onto the most ridiculous of measurements: bees.

And so a bot was created, which served two purposes;

  • A conversion from any unit of mass to kilograms
  • Converting that unit of kilograms to the amount of bees (the more useful part)

After a week of running the bot it ended up with 5200+ comment karma, reddit gold, banned from over 50 subreddits and one fan account ( /u/bee2kg ).


The bot itself is a relatively simple affair.

It uses PRAW to get a stream of comments starting with the newest ones. Trawls through them, looking for something that might be a unit of mass. When it finds it, it tries to stuff it into a units module, convert it a few times and post the converted measurements as a reply.

Built in collaboration with Kerry MR.