In total I created 8 badges and all have given to various resistance members. I won't be making any more badges as I have moved on from Ingress related activities, however if you wish to create your own I've put the source up on Github for anyone to use. Parts

After counting down 5 minutes, the badges go into a deep sleep mode. Previously that was using around 225μA, which was a little bit too much for something that was supposed to be in a deep sleep. After some additional tweaking of the existing code I managed to get the

Almost complete! Please excuse the overly bright lights, it doesn't look that bad in real life. The lights count down the 5 minutes until your next hack. Currently showing off; Flashing an updated program to the ATtiny85 after it's been soldered in place A simple startup animation The 5 minutes

Starting phase two of development. This time with colour copies. Pushing the button on the back starts a 5 minute 'hacking' cool down timer. Project not complete just yet, still have to coat with epoxy resin on the front and back to give it some strength.