Adventures of a Technomancer

Gombert: A modular Python readability API

Gombert is an extensible and modular Python readability API which runs any text sent to it through popular readability metrics, some lesser known metrics and any custom made formula modules.

It was created in order to help analyse song lyrics gathered by lyrer because I needed an API capable of handling a large volume of rapid requests.

Gombert is written in Python, using flask as a base to handle data and dynamic routes.

Source is available on Github.

Gombert was created with the help of Kerry MR

Lyrer: Finder of lyrics

As a continuation of my analysis into FM radio repetition I've wanted to have a look at song lyrics and analyse them, compare and rank them against each other and possibly group them by radio station, but that's all for another blog post.

In my search for an easy to use lyric API I found out that many lyric databases don't like to give away access to their APIs to just anyone. Most require you to become an approved partner, which requires a significant down payment before you can use them, and others work sporadically or not at all.

Welcome to the [redacted] API. These APIs are for approved partners only.

So I joined forces with Kerry MR to set out and make an easy to use API that can gather lyrics from multiple sources and switch between them on the fly.

Thus Lyrer was created.

Lyrer currently has 2 main methods of obtaining lyrics; other APIs and web page scraping.

Lyrer is currently under active development and may change the method(s) it uses to gather lyrics but source is still available on Github.

Easy Ghost upgrade script

All Ghost(Pro) users are being automatically updated and will be running Ghost x.y.z shortly.

You're welcome :)

Here is a simple script I made to assist people who host their own Ghost with the task of upgrading installations to the latest version, handling the downloading, unzipping and npm --install-ing. Just point it in the right direction and watch it go.

./ <path to ghost>