Here's some awesome knowledge passed along from @bradleyfalzon. If you add CDPATH to ~/.zshrc you can tab complete into those directories without typing the full path. Very handy if you happen to run several vagrant instances or a verbose directory structure to mimic production. typeset -U path cdpath fpath setopt

Adventures in WordPress Vol. 2 - Analysis & Clean up

Nicole of Bitten By the Travel Bug has reported some issues with her WordPress install but is unsure as to what is breaking. The only message she sees is; Error establishing a database connection So into the terminal I dive, ssh-ing into the server it's time to probe logs and

Adventures in WordPress Vol. 1 - An Introduction

A good friend of mine, Nicole, runs a travel blog called Bitten By the Travel Bug recently came to me with some WordPress troubles. Her WordPress install that deals with just under half a million hits per month is having a bit of trouble keeping up with the demand. In