MakeMKV Auto ripper has been updated a lot since this post. It is now known as Autorippr.

An update post can be found here.

We're now in the age of digital movies and media players such as Plex, and for those of us who bought DVDs and BDs getting up and inserting a physical disk can be such a task when you want to watch a movie.

Moving over to the digital age of MKVs with an extensive library can be a daunting task. Manually inserting a disc, clicking "Rip to mkv" and waiting for it to finish before repeating it for every DVD you own can take forever.

However, if you could put a disc in and have it automatically look up the proper title on IMDb, rip to a chosen destination and idle when complete and the only task left would be swapping the discs every so often would be a great comprimise to a fully autonomos creation.

This auto ripping tool made in python does exactly that, it watches and waits for a DVD, scrapes IMDb for the proper title and uses MakeMKV to rip to the selected directory.

I've tested it running inside a simple cron running every 5 minutes..

*/5 * * * *    python ~/scripts/github/makeMKV-Autoripper/

And it successfully renamed and ripped 4/5 movies, and with some additional tweaking it ripped the last one.
The DVD in question was Die Hard 4 Extended Edition, which gets renamed to Live Free or Die Hard.

So after a successful testing, and letting it run without user intervention for nearly a month I'm releasing it to the public (That's you guys) to use and improve.

As always, source is available on GitHub